DYS Red XT3045 Tri Blade 3" Prop Pair

DYS Red XT3045 Tri Blade 3" Prop Pair
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Model : DYS-XT30453-RED
Manufacturer : DYS
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The DYS XT3045 red propellers come in pairs which include 1 CW and 1 CCW propeller.  They have a 5mm hub and are made of PC and glass fiber material which makes them very strong and resilient to breaking.  These props fly really well and come out of the bag balanced from what we have seen.  These are a great propeller for your 1407 or 1306 motor setup.

Note: This is the 5mm threaded hub version for 1407 and 1306 motors.  We have a 1.5mm hub version with 2 M2 screw mount holes for your 11XX motors.


  • 3 inch propeller
  • tri prop
  • 3x4.5x3
  • 5mm hub
  • PC Glassfiber


  • 1 CW Propeller
  • 1 CCW Propeller


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