DALprop Blue TJ5045 Tri Blade Propeller Set

DALprop Blue TJ5045 Tri Blade Propeller Set
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Model : DALTJ5045BL
Manufacturer : DALprop
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The DALprop triple TJ5045 Blue 5x4.5x3 Props come as a set of four including 2 CW and 2 CCW propellers.  They have a 5mm hub and are made of PC and glass fiber material which makes them very strong and resilient to breaking.  With a set of DALprop propellers on your multirotor you can often clip tree branches, bump into things, or even crash and just keep flying.  These propellers pair very nice with the very popular 2204, and 2205 motors used on many 230mm, 250mm and other size quadcopters and hexacopters supporting a 5 inch propeller.  The TJ style prop has more of a pointed and traditional prop tip.


  • 5 inch propeller
  • tri prop
  • 5x4.5x3
  • 5mm hub
  • PC Glassfiber


  • 2 CW Propellers
  • 2 CCW Propellers


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