RedRotor OSD Lap Timer

RedRotor OSD Lap Timer
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Manufacturer : RedRotor RC
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Download Instruction Manual: RROSD_PRO_Manual.pdf
The Red Rotor RC Lap Timer takes competitive fpv racing to the next level by providing the pilot with real time information on lap #, current lap time, and best lap time!  Simply add the transponder to your OSD and set up the basestation on one of your air gates.  


  • Very easy to setup
  • Light weight transponder ~2g
  • Single Base station can support unlimited number of tranponders
  • Low power consumption, a 2S 1000mAh battery can power the base station for over 30 hours continuously
  • Supports race gate as tall as 15' high by daisy chaining IR Addon module for every 3' high gate. Starter kit works well for gates up to 5'x6'


  • IR Master Unit x 1
  • IR Add-on Unit x 2
  • Transponder x 1 


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