Armattan Mini PDB V2

Armattan Mini PDB V2
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Manufacturer : Armattan
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The Armattan Mini PDB is a high current capable and high quality power distribution board with a 5v rail and pololu support.  You can solder your pololu directly to the board with pins which then gives you 4 positive and negative 5v pads fed by the pololu step down.  This really helps keep your builds super clean.  Don't let the "mini" in the name fool you.  This PDB can handle up to four 30 amp ESCs.  We have used it on the craze with zero issues running 2822/12 motors and 7045 props.  This our our go to PDB for any build.  The V2 adds two large pads for directly soldering an XT60 or Deans connector.  You can solder it pointing up or pointing down depending on your build needs.

--The XT60 and Deans connector shown in the photos is not included--


  • 36mm x 36mm
  • Can handle up to four 30amp ESCs
  • Gold emulsion traces
  • 5v rail with Pololu support
  • Direct solder XT60 or Deans


  • Power Distribution Board


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