DYS Samguk Series WEI 2207 1750kv Brushless Motor

DYS Samguk Series WEI 2207 1750kv Brushless Motor
Model : WEI2207-1750
Manufacturer : DYS
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The Wei is the larger of the 3 motors in the DYS Samguk series in terms of stator height at 7mm.  This is a great perfoming motor for an excellent price with DYS quality and reliability.  With the lower 1750kv on this motor you can run it at 5S or 6S on 5" props.


  • Stator Dimensions: 22x7mm
  • KV: 1750kv
  • Prop Shaft: 5mm wide
  • Voltage: 4S~6S
  • Weight: 34.71g full wires
  • ESC: 30-45A
  • Motor Mount Holes: M3 16mm x 16mm


  • 1 x Motor with wires
  • 2 x Propeller nylock nuts
  • 2 x Sets of motor mount bolts



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