CL Racing F4 FC

CL Racing F4 FC
Model : CLF4
Manufacturer : Armattan
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The CL Racing F4 Flight Controller is a full featured and well laid out piece of kit.  This flight controller is designed by Cheng Lin and it is clear to us that he designed this flight controller to make your build as easy as possible.  All the soldering locations are well thought out.  On top of that this thing has an SD card reader, Betaflight OSD, built in current sensory and more!  The best part is the price!


  • Easy-to-solder pads in smart locations
  • Stm32 F4 processor
  • MPU-6000 gyro
  • 5v 1.2A BEC
  • 7.6v 1.2A BEC with filter for your camera and VTX
  • Betaflight OSD
  • Built in current sensor
  • Micro USB port
  • 3 UART ports (not counting USB)
  • Dedicated LED port
  • Dedicated SBUS inverter
  • Micro SD card slot for blackbox logging
  • TP and SmartAudio support
  • Dshot ready
  • Programmable Digital Buzzer (Betaflight 3.2 required)


  • 1 x CL Racing F4 FC


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