2mm Thick F1-4b Top Plate V2

2mm Thick F1-4b Top Plate V2
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Model : F1-4bTopPlate2mmV2
Manufacturer : Armattan
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This is a replacement F1-4 Top Plate that is 2mm thick vs. the stock 1.5mm.  The Armattan name and mobius bobbin holes have been removed so there is more CF material as a whole on this plate which makes it stronger.  We also deepened the FPV camera slot to allow for more tilt on all versions of camera plates.


  • Full top plate for the F1-4
  • 2mm Carbon Fiber
  • Armattan name is not on this plate
  • Mobius Bobbin holes removed
  • Deepened FPV camera slot to allow more tilt


  • 1 x 2mm thick carbon fiber top plate


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