Armattan MRP 130 FPV Frame

Armattan MRP 130 FPV Frame
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Model : MRP130FPV
Manufacturer : Armattan
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The Armattan MRP130 Frame Kit includes all of the carbon fiber frame components, standoffs, steel button head screws, nylon mounting hardware for your FC, a mini power distribution board, a black XT60 connector, and a velcro battery strap.  The main plate is 3mm thick and is compatible with 1104 to 1306 motors.  This model will only run 3" props.  We reccomend the Rotor X 3040 Tri Prop.

The MRP130 is an awesome warehouse flyer.  Even on 3S it has plent of power.  See the video below to see what 3S in a warehouse looks like.  It can run on 4S with a good 20A ESC like the FVT little bee.  This quad makes an awesome sound on 4S :-)  It runs great on 3S also and still has plenty of power considering how light it is when fully built.  Most crashes only require prop replacement, if at all which means you spend more time flying!  There is also an LED tail light option which is fully integrated in to the design and makes it very easy for your fellow racers to see you.


  • Lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber components!!
  • 3" propellers supported
  • 1104 to 1306 motors supported
  • 3mm thick main plate
  • 3k twill weave carbon fiber of the highest quality
  • Frame weight is: 46g
  • MTM distance is: 130mm
  • LED tail light option (will be in stock by February 12th)


  • 3mm carbon fiber main plate
  • 2mm carbon fiber pod plates
  • Mini PDB
  • Black XT60 connector
  • Aluminum Standoffs
  • Steel button head screws
  • Nylon FC mounting hardware
  • Velcro battery strap

Required For a Complete FPV Build

  • Check out our compatible products for this model in the section called "We Also Recommend" below
  • 4 x 1306 Motors
  • 4 x 20a ESC for 4S running
  • 1 x Flight Controller
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 1 x Video Transmitter
  • 1 x FPV video camera
  • 1 x 5v step down (may not be required with some FCs)
  • 4 x 3" props
  • 1 x 850mah or 1,000mah 4S or 3S battery


Post your build using this product to and it will show up here!  Awesome :-)

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