2.5mm FPV Camera Lens IR Sensitive

2.5mm FPV Camera Lens IR Sensitive
Model : 2.5mmLens
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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This 2.5mm FPV Camera lens is right in the sweet spot for most pilots.  It sits right between the 2.1mm wide angle lens and the more narrow 2.8mm lens.  This lens will work with the HS1177 and the new Foxeer Arrow HS1190 cameras as well as many more.  The lens is IR Sensitive, but if you have an IR block camera then you don't need to worry about having an IR block lens.


  • Image Size(inch): 1/3″
  • Focal Lengt(mm): 2.5mm
  • Aperture(F): F2.0
  • Angle of view(AOV): 100 degree
  • Focal: Fixed
  • Iris: Fixed
  • Mount: M12×0.5(mm)
  • IR Sensitive


  • 1 x lens
  • 1 x lens cap
  • 1 x tightening ring


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