International Drone Pilot Challenge Coin

International Drone Pilot Challenge Coin
Model : COIN
Manufacturer : The Happy Pilot
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Inspired by the long, proud tradition of challenge coins dating back to World War I, the International Drone Pilot Challenge Coin is for drone pilots worldwide!
Your identity as a drone pilot means something to you. Up there in the sky, seeing the world from the perspective of your drone, you can go anywhere, exotic and exciting viewpoints without your reach. You take pride in your piloting work, and every time you launch, you are prepared for adventure and discovery. Of course, it is never enough for you just to fly. No, you need to cruise. Whether you are testing the top velocity rating on your drone or trying out a new trick sequence, you like to get wild up there in the sky and open up your drone. That is why this coin is for you.
The first and only coin of its kind, at 2 inches in diameter the International Drone Pilot Challenge Coin gives drone pilots like yourself something to carry around as a symbol of who you are, your connection and the passion you share with fellow drone pilots world wide. You are an explorer, an adventurer, and an innovator, all in one moment. Rather than travel the paved roads or the pre-blazed trails, you prefer to go places and see things that are new. Cutting-edge technology is your forte, and it draws you without fail. You are never one to shy away from advances in the field.
Now, wherever you go – any drone event, any country, anyplace at all – you can present your International Drone Pilot Challenge Coin and know that other pilots will have the same coin. Each coin is sequentially numbered, so each coin is unique too. Inspired by the challenge coins presented to US Army Air Force pilots in World War I, the International Drone Pilot Challenge coin carries on a rich tradition of challenge coins in the pilot community. Finally, the drone pilot community has a challenge coin of its own – a coin reflective of the pride that we all feel when we are stationed at our controls!
Measuring 8mm and hexagonal in shape, this cut out can double as a prop wrench or as an attachment on a gear bag or other display. Each coin features an acrylic case for safe keeping, so you truly can bring it anywhere. Inscribed  “GOGGLES DOWN, THUMBS UP, DON’T CRASH OUT” on one side and “INTERNATIONAL DRONE PILOT” on the obverse.


  • 1 Challenge Coin in a plastic hard case


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