Armattan F1 Acro FPV POD

Armattan F1 Acro FPV POD
Model : F1POD
Manufacturer : Armattan
Available Options:
Add an LED: Yes please! ( + $7.50 )
No thanks  
Adapter: Universal 45mm x 45mm Mounting Plate ( + $8.50 )
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The Armattan F1 Acrp FPV POD is an awesome addition to really any model!  It was built to specifically work with the Armattan F1-Acro line up, but with the optional universal mounting plate it can fit any 45mm stack!  This allows you to convert really almost any model in to an FPV rig.

The FPV POD was designed around the popular HS1177 Sony CCD Camera and a micro VTX similar to the Aomway 200mw or Hawkeye 200mw.  You can tilt the camera up to 90 degrees!  This thing is rock solid and performs awesome.


  • Lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber parts!!
  • Fits the HS1177 CCD Camera and other similarly sized models
  • Tilts up to 90 degrees
  • LED Tail lights are optional
  • Micro VTX like an aomway 200mw fits on the back behind the LED board
  • Fits the F1-4, F1-5, and F1-6 Acro models with the included mount
  • Fits the CF226, CF258, CF355, VTail, Tricopter, and pretty much every Armattan or other model with a 45mm stack mount with the optional universal adapater


  • All the carbon fiber parts and hardware you need
  • Armattan F1 Acro Model mounting plate


Post your build using this product to and it will show up here!  Awesome :-)

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