White CL Racing LED Race Wire Mini PCB Motor Wires

White CL Racing LED Race Wire Mini PCB Motor Wires
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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The CL Racing LED Race Wire is the perfect upgrade for your racing or freestyle rig. It simply replaces a section of your motor wires under the tips of the propeller which makes your quad immune to prop strike damage and adds LEDs. If a prop is bent in a crash, the tip will deflect off of the Race Wire board. After installing Race Wire, you’ll be able to perform motor swaps very quickly and without the need to open up your quad to access your 4in1 ESC or AIO board.  The LEDs will get brighter as you apply more throttle and will get more dim as you reduce throttle.


  • 8 LEDs per board
  • Tested from 3S to 6S
  • Isolation between the carbon and the board is still required


  • 4 x boards


Post your build using this product to RotorBuilds.com and it will show up here!  Awesome :-)

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