M3 to M2 Stack Mount Adapter (5pcs)

M3 to M2 Stack Mount Adapter (5pcs)
Model : M3-M2-ADAPTER
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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What we have here is a brass eyelet that you can fit in to the M3 sized holes on your frame which will allow you to use M2 sized bolts.  Essentially this is an M3 to M2 converter for your stack mount.  HGLRC stacks use M2 bolts, other stacks use M3 bolts, now it doesn't matter if your frame is made for M3 bolts!  Just throw 4 of these in there and mount that M2 stack right up!


  • 3.3mm long
  • 2.8mm wide (Outer Diameter)
  • 4.9mm wide at the flange
  • Made of brass
  • Weight: .1g


  • 5 x M3 to M2 stack mount adapters


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