Slim Phast 3" 2.5" and 2" Shark Fin

Slim Phast 3" 2.5" and 2" Shark Fin
Model : 3D-PHAST-3-FIN
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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This is a Turtle/Quopa/Flip yo shit over mode aid shaped like a shark fin!  How appropirate right?!?!?  Get your shark fin and go out there and eat up all the turtles :-)  The fin installs to your top plate and uses your existing top plate bolts.  Be sure to chose your color before adding this item to your cart.


  • 3D printed at high resolution with TPU
  • Bolts up to your Slim Phast top plate using existing bolts
  • Makes turtle/Quopa mode work much better
  • Compatible with the Slim Phast 3", 2.5" and 2" frames


  • 1 x Slim Phast Shark Fin for your 3", 2.5", or 2" frame


Post your build using this product to and it will show up here!  Awesome :-)

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