RedRotor OSD Pro Mini PDB (RROSD)

RedRotor OSD Pro Mini PDB (RROSD)

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Manufacturer : RedRotor RC
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***IMPORTANT***  If you want to test your RROSD board before installing it on your airframe, without soldering anything to the board, please apply power to the board using alligator clips and make sure the Green LED is on. Contact us immediately if green LED doesn't turn on! Return and Warranty claims are only considered on units that have not been soldered! Do not connect the RROSD 5V connector to any external voltages, doing so will destroy the RROSD
Download Instruction Manual: RROSD_PRO_Manual.pdf
The RROSD PRO PDB is an all-in-one mini OSD-PDB board (36mm x 36mm) designed for the mini-quad community. On top of all the all the must-have features that we feel every mini quad should have, the RROSD also supports an optional laptimer.  The RROSD PRO PDB is a zero configuration OSD.  It will auto detect whether you are running 4S or 3S. The display is simple, clean, and shows you everything you need to know.


  • Thick copper and wide power routing to handle the most demanding power setup
  • Dimension 36mm x 36mm (30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting holes)
  • Built-in power distribution regulators to handle 3S-6S
  • Built in multi stages power filter for Video Transmitter and Camera with pre-installed and conveniently located connectors
  • 12V 500mA and 5V 250mA output: can be used for FPV cam and accessories
  • NTSC and PAL can be easily selected using the onboard button
  • Plug and Play (PnP) OSD information: Flight pack voltage, current draw, total current consumption, RSSI, flight timer, Lap counter&timer
  • Maximum motor current 100A total
  • Automatic flight timer shows actual flight time
  • The additional lost model buzzer sounds off 5 minutes after the quad has crashed
  • RSSI detection (FRsky ppm and analog compatible) displays in percentage
  • Auto Battery alarm blinks the battery voltage when pack voltage hits the low limit
  • Low RSSI turns on Buzzer (very handy to locate a downed quad)
  • Onscreen menu allows user to calibrate pack voltage reading, current calibration, rssi input, battery alarm level…etc....
  • Lap Timer onscreen counter (requires fw v4.0 or newer)
  • Firmware upgradable to ensure any user can enjoy any new features that we might release the future (optional programmer is needed)
  • Lost model Siren (optional Buzzer)


  • Two sets of pin headers



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