RC Crazed Lil' MoFo 3" Super Light Stretch X

RC Crazed Lil' MoFo 3" Super Light Stretch X
Model : LilMoFoFrame
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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This is the frame kit only and does not include any electronics. 

The RC Crazed Lil' MoFo is a purpose built 3" stretched X FPV racing frame designed around the 20x20mm power train platform to be the most compact and lightweight 3" racing frame we could make.  The result is a 255g 4S powerhouse with 2,176g of thrust and a whopping power to weight ratio of 8.53:1 with 1407 motors.  The Frame is a stretched X style made of 3k twill 3mm thick carbon fiber and is a single plate design.  We went with the stretch X because this is a small and powerful quadcopter and by using a longer pitch axis you get more stable fast forward flight, especially during racing or aggressive flying.

This frame is designed to work with 20x20mm flight controllers like the Emax Femto and Furious FPC Piko BLX.  We like to run it with a RunCam Swift Micro (stand off mounts included) up front and a VTX03 or similar in the back.  To keep the stack low we recoomend using individual ESCs like the Cicada 20A or Armattan 20A on the arms.  The RunCam Swift Micro hovers above the flight controller, but it is a tight fit.  You will need to trim the remaining threads off of the 6mm M/F nylon standoffs that you will mount your FC to so that the RunCam doesn't hit them when tilting.  The Carbon Fiber top plate buttons everything up and includes slots on the sides and one in the rear so that you can use zip ties and heat shrink to keep your RX wires and your VTX whip in place.

All in all we think you will really enjoy flying the Lil' MoFo.  It is very light weight, agile and powerful which gives it sharp and responsive handling.  With it's super light weight the crash damage is usually minimal if any.


  • 8.53:1 power to weight ratio with SE1407 motors
  • Compatible with 11XX, 13XX, 14XX motors
  • 3" propellers
  • 3mm thick carbon fiber single plate frame
  • Weight: 28g including the RunCam mounts and all hardware
  • MTM distance is: 130mm


  • 3mm thick Lil' MoFo Frame with mounting hardware
  • 1.5mm thick top plate
  • 4 x 30mm aluminum standoffs
  • 8 x 7mm steel bolts
  • Nylon hardware for FC mounting
  • 3D Printed RunCam Swift Micro mounts
  • Battery Strap




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