RC Crazed Lil' MoFo 3" Super Light FPV Racing Frame

RC Crazed Lil' MoFo 3" Super Light FPV Racing Frame
Model : LilMoFoFrame
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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This is the frame kit only and does not include any electronics. 

The RC Crazed Lil' MoFo is a purpose built 3" FPV racing frame designed around the 20x20mm power train platform to be the most compact and lightweight 3" racing frame we could make.  The result is a 255g 4S powerhouse with 2,176g of thrust and a whopping power to weight ratio of 8.53:1 with 1407 motors.  The Frame is a stretched X style made of 3k twill 3mm thick carbon fiber and is a single plate design.  We went with the stretch X because this is a small and powerful quadcopter and by using a longer pitch axis you get more stable fast forward flight, especially during racing or aggressive flying.

We chose only the highest quality and perfrmance components for the Lil' MoFo in our design process and for our complete kit.  At the core is a Furious FPV PikoBLX FC and Innova OSD/VTX stack.  We are running 8k/4k on BetaFlight 3.01 and the flight charecteristics are fantastic!  The Armattan 20A ESCs are fully DShot compatible and the PikoBLX can be made DShot compatible with a work around that you can find instructions for HERE.  Any 20x20mm FC setup could work but you need to get your FC, PDB, VTX, OSD, and receiver all in the stack as there is no room anywhere else.

On the FPV side of things we recommend the TBS whip antenna and a micro 110 degree FOV camera to pair with the OSD controlled Innova VTX.  You can change your band, channels, and power output from 25mw to 200mw all via the OSD.

To bring it all together we designed four 3D printed components.  A Skirt, camera mount, arm guards, and canopy.  The skirt is mainly for looks and to protect your insides a bit from dirt and debris.  The camera mount holds the micro camera nice and snug and also provides 3 mounting ears.  2 of the mounting ears are for your receiver antennas and the third is for your VTX antenna.  We reccomend the zip tie and shrink wrap method on all 3 to keep things firmly in place and out of the way of the props.  When we shrink them we bend the receiver antennas inward towards the front of the canopy.  This way when you crash they don't end up getting chewed by your props!  The VTX antenna is important to secure because it keeps that whip antenna in place and ensures that it doesn't rip out in a crash and potentially rip off the U.FL connector on the Innova VTX board.  The arm guards, well they are just that.  They help protect your arms in crashes and especially if you are flying in car parks or warehouses over concrete.

All in all we think you will really enjoy flying the Lil' MoFo.  It is very agile and powerful which gives it sharp and responsive handling.  With it's super light weight the crash damage is usually minimal if any.

Note: We have an 11XX complete kit with electronics coming soon which is perfect for indoor warehouse racing on 450mah 3S batteries.  The fully built model weights in at 99g and at 139.7g with a 450mah 3S battery!  The complete build pictures shown have an earlier canopy on them and the purple color is currently not available.


  • 8.53:1 power to weight ratio with SE1407 motors
  • Compatible with 11XX, 13XX, 14XX motors
  • 3" propellers
  • 3mm thick carbon fiber single plate frame
  • Built Weight: 155g without battery and 255g with an 850mah 4S Tattu battery (SE1407 build)
  • Built Weight: 99g without battery and 140g with a 450mah 3S Tattu battery (11XX build)
  • MTM distance is: 130mm
  • Camera Tilt: 25 degrees
  • Requires this camera to work with the 3D printed parts


  • 3mm thick Lil' MoFo Frame with mounting hardware
  • 3D Printed skirt, canopy, cam mount, and arm guards
  • Battery Strap




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