Micro Ripper Ultra Light Brushless 3" Frame

Micro Ripper Ultra Light Brushless 3" Frame
Model : MicroRipper
Manufacturer : RC Crazed
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This is the frame kit only and does not include any electronics. 

The RC Crazed Micro Ripper has one purpose, FUN! It was designed around the 20x20mm power train platform to be super compact and light weight.  The result is a sub 100g (2s 450mah battery) micro brushless model that flies very much like a much larger 5" model in terms of its flight characteristics.  This frame is a pure X style made of 3k twill 3mm thick carbon fiber and is a single plate design. With a 3s 450mAh battery you are just at 110g! 

To keep things simple a VTX/Camera AIO setup can be used.  This makes wiring a snap and keeps the weight down.  We have been really impressed with the performance of camera and VTX combos like the Eachine TX03 and that is the model we recommend for this frame.  A TX01, TX02 and TX03 will work just fine as well as many other camera and vtx all in one combos.  We carry the TX03 here.

We offer also a RunCam Swift Micro and VTX03 mount option.  This setup adds a little more weight but there is no doubt that the performance of the RunCam Swift Micro camera is better than the VTX03 and also gives you full adjustability.

Don't let the size of this model fool you.  It is fast and a real blast to fly on 2s.  On 3s this thing is a ROCKET!  You definitely want to use something like an HQ3030 prop for 3s running.  On a Tattu 450mah 2s battery we are getting a solid 3.5 minutes of flight time and ripping on this thing pretty much non stop.  This model is the magic sauce when set up in the following way:

This model is an absolute blast to fly in tight spaces like back yards and small parks.  We really can't believe how fast it is on 2s but yet it is very controllable at lower speeds and in tight spaces.

Don't get us wrong, you can slap some 1407 motors on here and a 20x20mm 20A 4-1 and go nuts if you want to!

To assemble this frame slide the 30mm bolts through the bottom of the frame.  Then use the included nylon nuts to build your stack.  We provide enough nuts to put 4 nuts below and 4 nuts above each board and your camera mount to keep everything nicely in place.  The neat thing about building the stack this way is that everything is fully adjustable to your liking.  If you go super low, just cut the 30mm bolts down to your preferred height.

TX03 Canopy File

RunCam Swift Micro and VTX03 Canopy File


  • Compatible with 11XX, 13XX, 14XX motors
  • 3" propellers
  • 3mm thick carbon fiber single plate frame
  • Weight with hardware and TX03 camera mount: 24.2g
  • MTM distance is: 115mm
  • Camera Tilt: 25 degrees with the TX03 and 30 degrees with the RunCam
  • Works with TX01, TX02 and TX03 camera and VTX combos with the AIO mount
  • Works with a RunCam Swift Micro and Eachine VTX03 with the optional RunCam mount


  • 3mm thick Frame with mounting hardware
  • 3D Printed camera mount
  • Battery Strap




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