Armattan F1 Frames

The Armattan F1 model line is the latest and greatest from Armattan.  These frames are the result of the fantastic work from multiple designers and Chris from Armattan.  The F1-5 is a perfect X frame and the F1-4b and F1-6 are very close to being a perfect X.  The Acro frames are all QuadX perfection.  The QuadX geometry makes for easy tuning and fantastic flying quadcopters.  You can turn any of the Acro models into an FPV racer by simply adding the F1 FPV Pod.  These frames are not only strong, but they are also very good looking.  They are all come with the unparalleled Armattan Lifetime Warranty!  The FPV models have an optional integrated power distribution board as well as an included rear RGB LED board that is compatible with cleanflight.  These frames are cut to perfection and precision and we have yet to see one require any additional finishing.

 Armattan F1-5 Frame 

$110.00  $99.00 

Out of Stock
 Armattan F1-4 Acro Frame 

$90.00  $66.00 

 Armattan F1-4B Frame (3mm) 

$60.00  $42.00 

 Armattan F1-4B Frame (4mm) 

$65.00  $46.00 

 Armattan F1-6 Acro Frame 

$100.00  $73.00 

 Armattan F1-6 Frame 

$115.00  $84.00 

 Armattan F1 Acro 355 Frame 

$95.00  $75.00 

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